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Valuable Exercises Involving the English Legal System

Improve your knowledge of the English legal system by putting your trust in my highly-praised law exercise book. I am Michael Howard, the founder of Legal English Books, and author of The English Legal System.

Law Student Writing

Applying Important Ideas

Ensure you obtain a thorough understanding of the basic principles, terms, and concepts that underpin law. Not only does The English Legal System explain key topics, but it also outlines how they are applied in practice. Ideal for those working in or studying law whose first language is not English, the publication presents key concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

Effective Modes Of Study

Put your trust in a comprehensive textbook that is written by me, a qualified lawyer and English teacher. Part law dictionary and part exercise book, The English Legal System combines the most effective elements of learning. My successful publication explains international terms and phrases that assist lawyers and law students in their professions.

Preparing for Exams

Don't fret about trying to understand confusing terminology during your ILEC and TOLES exams. Thanks to The English Legal System, you are able to efficiently prepare by learning more than 150 legal terms that are explained in plain English. The e-book contains 100 questions that are designed to test your understanding and a table of contents that is easy to navigate.

Catering To Your Specialism

Owing to my popular range of law publications, you are able to choose a book that aids your specialist area of study. For assistance with alternative modules, reference my books on drafting commercial contracts, dispute resolution, and business terminology.

Contact me, Michael Howard, to acquire more details about my law exercise book, which outlines key terms that underpin the English legal system.