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A Dictionary for the Drafting Of Commercial Contracts

Efficiently complete your studies by consulting my expert drafting contracts dictionary. I am Michael Howard, the founder and business owner of Legal English Books. In addition, I am the author of Drafting Commercial Contracts, a publication that enables you to understand confusing international law vocabulary.

Apply Key Ideas

Easily understand key concepts and ideas that underpin English law with the assistance of Drafting Commercial Contracts. A fantastic tool for those working in law whose first language is not English the book equips you with the appropriate skills to apply theory to practice. This book is highly regarded as an invaluable aid for international lawyers and law students.

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Effective Exam Preparation

Conquer your ILEC and TOLES exams with confidence by depending on my highly successful publication. As with my books detailing the English legal system,  dispute resolution,  and business terminology, Drafting Commercial Contracts contains more than 150 legal phrases, and 100 questions to test understanding. This book allows you to benefit from the expertise of myself as a qualified lawyer and English teacher.

Contact me, Michael Howard, to find out more about my drafting contracts dictionary, designed to improve your international law vocabulary.