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An Easy-To-Use Textbook On Dispute Resolution

Don't wrack your brains while struggling to understand confusing legal principles, terms, and concepts. Instead, read Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution, a dispute resolution textbook that includes important information on civil litigation. I am Michael Howard, the owner of Legal English Books, qualified UK lawyer, English teacher, and author.

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Understand Essential Terms

Clarify any queries that may be setting you back by relying on my informative glossary of terms. My book, Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution, enables you to understand vital principles in English law, specifically concerning the topics of civil litigation and dispute resolution. As with my English legal system, drafting commercial contracts, and business publications, you are able to understand essential English legal topics.

Combining Modes of Learning

My popular legal publications combine the most effective methods of studying. Functioning as a dictionary and exercise book, Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution discusses more than 150 English legal terms and phrases, and breaks down jargon into easy-to-understand English. In addition the publication contains 100 questions for self testing, which comprises the perfect preparation for ILEC and TOLES exams.

Contact me, Michael Howard, to learn more about my dispute resolution textbook, which explains concepts in civil litigation.