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Understand Legal Phrases Used In Business

Thanks to my renowned business law dictionary, you don't have to go to time-consuming lengths to understand tricky company law terms. I am Michael Howard, the owner of Legal English Books and author of Business and Company Law, a textbook designed to enhance your understanding of the vocabulary used in business.

Maintain Your Success

Law is a tough industry, and maintaining a career as a lawyer is a challenging profession. Consulting the expertise of a fully qualified UK lawyer and English teacher is not the easiest of tasks, as you may find you do not have the correct contacts to get ahead. Thanks to my textbook, Business and Company Law, you are able to access valuable resources that outline how key concepts are applied to practice.

Prepare for Challenges

Especially useful for lawyers and business professionals whose first language is not English, Business and Company Law allows you to efficiently prepare for professional challenges. The book contains a comprehensive dictionary of business and company law terms, and explains vocabulary that is relevant to international lawyers and business professionals.

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Test Your Knowledge

Ensure your expertise remains up to date by choosing Business and Company Law to aid your profession. As with my English legal system, drafting commercial contracts, and dispute resolution  books, Business and Company Law contains more than 150 English legal terms, and 100 questions to test understanding and context.

Contact me, Michael Howard, to acquire more information about my business law dictionary, which explains key company law terms.