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About Michael Howard

I am Michael Howard, the owner of Legal English Books, and author of several renowned law dictionaries. My books are designed to test the English of international lawyers and law students as practised in the UK and throughout the world. Each book is arranged into logical sections that contain educational exercises. Written in plain English, my books provide clear explanations of law terms.

A Highly Praised Professional

Put your trust in a solicitor and legal English lecturer from London. I, Michael Howard, qualified as a solicitor in 2005, and after many years of legal practice, embarked on travels throughout Europe and the Middle East. I worked as an English teacher and law lecturer, and have since drawn on my rich experiences in order to aid lawyers and law students. I have successfully prepared hundreds of students for both ILEC and TOLES exams.

Embarking On Travels

Throughout my travels, I visited Poland, Germany, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi before returning to the UK. Upon my arrival, I was invited to teach English to foreign lawyers and law students at Cambridge University. In my spare time, I work in legal publishing and write study packs that assist foreign lawyers to improve their English.

Catering To High Demand

My publications are reliable resources within the demanding law field. My idea for the books was initially born during my time completing legal English courses, and advanced while lecturing. As a lecturer, many of my students were asking for easy-to-understand explanations of confusing legal terms.

The Birth Of Legal English Books

Upon discovering many legal books did not provide effective definitions, I decided to write my own publications. Crucially, it became apparent that there was a gap in the market for this. Henceforth, I continued to assist those struggling with English and working in the legal system. Ever since, I have received extensive amounts of positive feedback. I began writing in 2012, and continue to do so today.

My Initial Publications

In April 2013, I published my first set of books on the English legal system, followed by my vocabulary book on civil litigation in November 2013. In December 2014, I published my first book on drafting commercial contracts. My books are available to purchase via Amazon™.

Quality Value for Money

My five publications are each geared towards providing specialist knowledge. Having written four books, I take pride in my fifth publication that encompasses all four. Each individual book is priced at £14.99 however the price of the fifth publication is yet to be confirmed. On average, the books are 90-100 pages in length, and six by nine inches in size. 


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